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Read this post : http://internationalrealism.forumactif.org/t67-end-of-the-project, you need to know this information...

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 Rules for Leaders

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IR Administrator
IR Administrator

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PostSubject: Rules for Leaders    Thu 22 Oct - 13:41

Rules for leaders are next:

IR Leaders wrote:
1.  You must be active on steam during weeks when matches will be played.

2. You must have all of your teammates(your sub-leader and members) and two IR leaders (Rikkert and Barbarosa)  in your friend list on steam.

3. You will be asked first for time and date when you can play next match.

4. When the time and date are set you must inform all of your teammates about that. When you have enough players for match you will need to send list of players who will play to one of the IR leaders. IF you don't have enough players for match 7 days before match, contact one of IR leaders and tell him about that, after that they will contact leader of another country (country which is supposed to play against you) and solve that problem.

5. If you cant come on match but your country have enough players for match without you, then you should tell your sub-leader that he will take your place, also you need to contact one of the IR leader about that.

6. Each country will have 1 hour before match alone on server to prepare tactic (players from other country couldn't join server).

7. You and your sub-leader need to know to use admin menu, you will have full admin right on server, your sub-leader will have just for starting match.

8. You need to take screen shots of scores after each round finish. Also you will able to take screen shots of every moment of match if you want it.

Rikkert and Barbarosa,
Leaders of IR Project.
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Rikkert | Riky'
IR Leader
IR Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Rules for Leaders    Mon 26 Oct - 14:33

Update !
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Rules for Leaders
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